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Food grade tritan sports water bottle 2015 new design outdoor bottle for traveling/hiking/storage

(*^__^*) 2015 new design sports bottle (*^__^*) 100% bpa free plastic water bottle, simple new design that can be used for key and card storage, No poison, no smell, easy to carry, make it easier when you join outdoor sports.
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Mountop Water Bottle -provides you with a new way to travel with a water bottle, keys and cards. The easy to use storage compartment provides you with room to keep your ID, credit/debit cards, gym card, and keys. No longer do you have to go to workout with your key in your pocket. The bottle is ideal for any sport or fitness activity (hiking, walking, running, biking, soccer, basketball, football, tennis and more). Whether you are training for the Olympics or like taking a relaxing walk in the park, the bottle will work for you.

Mountop Wallet Bottles Are Light Weight, Durable And Designed For An Active Lifestyle!

Our water bottles are ergonomically designed for single-handed use. With the pull release and leak-proof seal, cold drinks will refresh your exercises with a fast and smooth water flow for hours!

The Advantages Of Owning An Pure+ Wallet Bottle:

- 100% leak-proof and 100% spill-proof

- Highly Durable and Impact Resistant

- Fast Water Flow from Narrow Mouth Piece

- Squeezing the Bottle is Unnecessary

- Light Weight, Functional and Easy to Carry

- Built-In Storage Compartment

- just flip open door to store ID, gym card, money, key, and more!

- Fits Most Cup Holders and Bike Racks

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Welcome to mountop

    Mountop is a new outdoor sport articals brand  from shenzhen Lampda Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd., In order to creat a bottle that can solve outdoor drinking water safety problems, especially the germs damage, our researchers spent more than a year of time and energy to finish this item. Bottle's appearance is designed by famous HK designer Kris, the founder of "Branches Creation". UV water bottle can clean 99.999% germs in 90s, guarantee watering safety when you join in outdoor sports, What is more, UV bottle is a Multi-fonction bottle can not only sterlization and drinking, but also use for lighting/filter and SOS, the word's first invention.

    Mountop is a breakthrough product that can make you easier and happier to enjoy outdoor sports, we will continue to creat more professional products.

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