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mountop water bottle with storage gray

  • AM-MP-0005
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Welcome to mountop

    Mountop is a new outdoor sport articals brand  from shenzhen Lampda Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd., In order to creat a bottle that can solve outdoor drinking water safety problems, especially the germs damage, our researchers spent more than a year of time and energy to finish this item. Bottle's appearance is designed by famous HK designer Kris, the founder of "Branches Creation". UV water bottle can clean 99.999% germs in 90s, guarantee watering safety when you join in outdoor sports, What is more, UV bottle is a Multi-fonction bottle can not only sterlization and drinking, but also use for lighting/filter and SOS, the word's first invention.

    Mountop is a breakthrough product that can make you easier and happier to enjoy outdoor sports, we will continue to creat more professional products.

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